Wouldn’t it’s nice should you had a nickel for each time you’ve got seen a business or commercial touting new this or new and improved that? These phrases might get overused, however they definitely draw shoppers’ consideration.

The drawback is, simply what does new imply? Newness applies so in a different way to so many issues that it appears inconceivable to pin it down. And there’s such a factor as being too new, proper? And I assume I hear you saying, “Bill, is not “What’s new” dependent upon the viewers?'” Yes, you are completely, brilliantly, one hundred% right!

Imagine making an attempt to elucidate the thrill and enjoyable of enjoying the pc software program recreation Warcraft to an adolescent named Zuru, who lives in an African rain forest with a bone in his nostril, sporting a zebra loincloth, and has by no means heard of a pc. You would not get very far, would you? It’s a positive guess he would not know what you are speaking about, although he may need some concept of warfare and present eager curiosity in that magical-sounding pc factor you talked about. Zuru is the sort of gross sales viewers you need to hope by no means to have!

You want an viewers that already has some information about your sort of services or products, so they’re considerably acquainted with it when it comes to options and advantages. Regardless of what you’re promoting or advertising, your viewers must have already got a sure degree of familiarity or information together with your sort of services or products in these classes:

  • Values
  • Expectations
  • Experiences
  • Reasoning
  • Language

Such already-acquired information is what I name the previous view. In order so that you can say something new to your gross sales viewers, it’s a must to have a reasonably good concept of what is already acquainted or previous to them about your sort of product/service in a number of of the varieties of previous views. Only then are you able to make sure you’re saying one thing meaningfully new to them.

Thus, newness relies upon immediately upon what you do with the previous view, and I name that the brand new view. Remember Zuru? If he had sufficient of the shared, primary previous views of Values, Expectations, Experiences, Reasoning, and Language about computer systems and pc video games, you then may need gotten a sale (paid for with lion skins or elephant tusks, perhaps?). Since there was no shared info in Zuru’s private previous views about your sort of product, there was little communication, no recognizable newness—and no sale.

So what do you do with shared previous views whenever you need to talk a brand new view? Simple-you make a bridge from the previous view to the brand new view through the use of the next 5 easy but highly effective processes that make something new, both singly or together);

  • Reverse
  • Add
  • Subtract
  • Substitute
  • Rearrange

Now, this pertains to some fascinating advertising concept. For occasion, in his bestselling Wizard of Ads trilogy, Roy T. Williams (a well known advertising guru) talks about Broca’s Area, which is an space of the mind simply over the left ear and barely ahead from the Auditory Cortex. To be sure that we’re on the identical web page (observe that I’m establishing the previous view, right here), let me inform you that the perform of Broca’s Area is to filter, organize, after which ahead info to the Prefrontal Cortex of the mind, simply behind the brow a part of the cranium. That’s the place selections are made, corresponding to selections about shopping for merchandise.

Williams teaches, and science helps, that Broca is stimulated by patterns that aren’t anticipated. In brief, Broca is stimulated by newness: “‘Interest me!’ cries Broca. ‘Surprise me with one thing I did not know. If you are not carrying new info or a brand new perspective, you will not enter my Yellow Brick Road [direct pathway to the Prefrontal Cortex]'” (Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads, p. 50).

Did you discover that, in response to Williams, shocking Broca requires “new info or a brand new perspective”? Sounds like he is speaking a few new view, proper? Up ’til now, that world of new info and new views has been principally formless for entrepreneurs making an attempt to shock Broca.

You can take the shared kinds of previous views of acquainted — Values, Expectations, Experiences, Reasoning, and Language — and put them into your new view kaleidoscope, with its set of 5 new view lenses, and switch the wheel to see the previous view in new methods, in new views. You can use these 5 varieties of new views as processes for specializing in any previous view and truly tweaking them to — as Williams so brilliantly asserts — shock Broca!

So let’s assemble in our minds a desk for producing new views to shock Broca. It could have 5 columns coming down from the highest and 5 rows going from left to proper, so there are twenty-5 blocks inside the desk.

Now, throughout the highest of the desk, as titles for every of the 5 columns, visualize the 5 kinds of new views, from left to proper —–


And, coming down the left aspect of the desk, there are the names of the 5 varieties of previous views —–






To use this desk, you will first write briefly phrases underneath every of the previous view headings on the left, and then you definitely’ll fill within the empty squares beneath every of the 5 kinds of new views to the proper. You fill them with new views by doing the choice on the prime of the column (Reverse, Add, Subtract, Substitute, or Rearrange) to the previous view on the far left of that row. You’ll see in a second how that works.

Creating Material for a Commercial Ad

Let’s check out how our desk may help you write an commercial.

Here’s a sensible enterprise state of affairs we will work with:

Harper’s Cabinets in Birmingham, Alabama, sells nice cupboards at thrifty costs. They want promoting concepts — they are not positive simply what — for the advertising push they need to make to allow them to broaden their enterprise.

To use the our desk to assist the parents at Harper’s Cabinets to write down the copy for some ads, we’ll put in a clean line simply above the desk that states the general previous view that folks have about cupboards of their house.

So visualize this simply above the desk:

OLD VIEW: Cabinets are very helpful and may add type to any residence.

In the previous view areas on the left aspect of the desk, we’ll determine all of the acquainted options and advantages — the previous views — that clients usually have about cupboards, together with Harper’s, like this:


high quality supplies, elegant, cheap, simply put in, trusted


final lengthy, resist injury, associates will admire


buyer testimonials; fast & clear set up


have a necessity, can afford it, & assured, so purchase the discount


acquainted & normal vocabulary, font, grammar

Now it is time to fill within the new view squares off to the fitting for every row. Once you’ve got received these previous views crammed in, you will be stunned at how rather more shortly new concepts will pop up in your thoughts. It frees your thoughts up, actually!

And do not be too specific about what you write down in your first reactions within the empty squares. As with different brainstorming methods, the large concept is simply to get one thing written down, with out being too important, and you can also make modifications to it later, as wanted. Most importantly, always remember this timeless and true adage:

“Good writing is ALWAYS the results of REwriting.”

To reveal how you can fill within the empty squares with newness for every row on the desk, left to proper, listed here are some potential new views to enter for the Values row, which has, “high quality supplies, elegant, cheap, simply put in, trusted”:


all that high quality plus such low/affordable prices— naw, cannot be);


lasts WAY longer (grandkids will develop up with them) & WAY extra trendy


P/3s value of rivals; no set up cost; guarantee– no worries


present your grownup youngsters & get them to purchase it for you


priorities—do not go on trip: purchase it & add lasting worth to your home

Now, let’s simply take a better take a look at the contents of that Reverse block:

By reversing the entry from the previous view options underneath Values, and utilizing that verbiage now within the Reverse block (“all that high quality plus such low/affordable prices—naw, cannot be true”), we will pretty simply think about the next TV or radio spot——-

A man and his minister are sitting in a front room watching TV, they usually have simply heard the final line or two of all of the high quality options and advantages about Harper’s Cabinets. The man turns to his minister and says, “Reverend, that is all simply too good to be true, is not it?” The minister turns to him and replies, smiling: “Well, son, I had Harper’s Cabinets put in a yr in the past, and I can inform you that all the things we have simply heard is true — at the least in my expertise.” The man replies, “Wow! Wait ’til I inform Melanie!” and he excitedly rises, hurrying from the room with an enormous smile on his face.

End of economic.

Cha-ching (ring of a money register)!

Remember, any options or advantages of your services or products which might be significant and new — the brand new view — should be linked to acquainted, previous, and shared materials — the previous view — which is made up of Values, Expectations, Experiences, Reasoning, and Language which are already significant to or valued by the viewers/buyer.

How linked? With a number of of the brand new views — by Reversing, Adding to, Subtracting from, Substituting for, or Rearranging the key phrases and key ideas of the previous view materials.

By utilizing this desk, as we did above, you’ll be able to tweak previous views with every of the varieties of new views to generate fascinating, consideration-grabbing, and curiosity-holding content material in your ads.

And you’ll be able to shock Broca extra ceaselessly and extra reliably now that you recognize concerning the 5 kinds of previous views and the 5 kinds of new views.

As Yoda says — “Burn photographs into minds, you must, with laser precision. Stimulate gross sales, you can, and watch firm financial institution luggage ballooning, you’d.”

Right on, Yoda!